Cleaning Up Smoke Damage

You probably have a lot of questions about cleaning up smoke damage. Smoke is very bad because it has gases and particles in it that stick to things. The smell can also be bad. The best thing you can do is clean the smoke as quickly as possible before it reacts with surfaces like drywall […]

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The Difference Between Smoke & Fire Damage

Fire and smoke are different. Fire is caused by an actual fire. Smoke is the smell from things that were burned, like household items, furniture, and curtains. Things left in the house after a fire can smolder or burn slowly to make soot and smoke. It’s the sticky stuff that can be hard to remove. […]

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4 Signs of Water Damage

Some signs of water damage may be apparent before you have extensive damage. Depending on the issue and the sign itself, you may have caught a problem early or late. Regardless, knowing the signs of water damage in Tampa, Florida can help you better assess your situation.  United Water Restoration Group of Tampa, Florida would […]

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