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Recognizing a Fire Hazard

Your Guide to Recognition and Prevention

In some cases, fire hazards may be unnoticeable until it’s too late. There are thousands of fires every year that start because someone does not recognize a fire hazard. Every person has to make sure that these don’t happen again. You can check for abandoned materials that can cause a fire hazard and use them before they get worse.

At United Water Restoration Group of Tampa, we specialize in fire damage restoration. Below are some things to check on in avoiding a fire hazard.


The Threat of Electronics

Electrical fires are common and overlooked. They can start when a connection or junction box is damaged, exposing live wires. Check your outlets to make sure they are not overloaded or showing signs of wear. Use extension cords when you need to plug in more than one thing. Surge protectors can be useful for protecting electronics from a storm, but you cannot use too many at once because this may cause a fire. 

Keeping electronics away from fabrics and flammable items is a good idea since they can overheat and ignite a fire. If there is enough heat near them for too long their wiring can burn up. This will expose the wiring and can be a potential fire hazard.


Kitchen Fire Hazards

There are many fire hazards in the kitchen. Do not keep trash or cleaning products near the stove that might catch on fire when you cook. Microwaves can also cause fires, so make sure nothing flammable is next to them. If a grease fire starts, do not use water to put it out! Cover it with a lid and this will suffocate the flames. You should also buy a fire extinguisher for your home!


Warm Space Heaters

Winter is a common time for space heaters. People need to be careful with these because they can cause fires. Place them at least 3 feet away from anything that can burn, like bedding or clothing. Space heaters cause 1 out of every 6 fires during the winter months. 1 in every 5 fire deaths occurs in the winter as a result of these heaters.


Controlled Fires are Still Hazardous

Make sure you check your chimney before starting a fire. If there is a screen, it should be in front of the fire while lit to keep animals from falling over. Clean your fireplace once a year to clear out debris. Remove any flammable items away from the fireplace.

Candles can be romantic but they can also cause fires if they are not used correctly. Make sure candles are never left unattended and keep them away from things like curtains or furniture which could easily catch fire. 


Appliances Can Cause a Fire

It is important to clean out the lint screen and outside exhaust of a dryer. If there is too much lint, it can cause a fire. Check the outlets in your house to make sure that they are not overloaded.


Outside Storage Clutter

Your storage areas can also cause fires. Make sure the area is well ventilated and insulated. It is dangerous to overfill with too many boxes, containers, or cabinets because that will make the heat build-up from the items inside. This can result in a fire starting. If you are storing items near a furnace or heater that might overheat, move them!

Gasoline from grills or space heaters needs to be stored away from a building and should not be used close to foliage either. When using these places outside of your home, keep them far enough away so they don’t tip over onto the house.



Smoke Alarm’s

A smoke alarm is very important for recognizing a fire. They wake you up in the night with enough time to evacuate! You should test your alarms regularly and change their batteries. It is also good to have a smoke alarm in different rooms so they can recognize it before it’s too late.


Be on the Lookout

Fire hazards are something that can cause your property to lose its value. If you see something out of place, then take care of it immediately! You may avoid major damage not only to yourself but also to others around you. Losing your property can take a matter of minutes if fire hazards are not regularly checked.

To prevent this from happening, make sure that you check for any possible fire hazards as soon as they come up. If there is a problem and there is ever an emergency call our fire damage experts at (813) 305-7538 and they will help you with your restoration needs.

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