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The Difference Between Smoke & Fire Damage

Smoke & Fire Damage

Fire and smoke are different. Fire is caused by an actual fire. Smoke is the smell from things that were burned, like household items, furniture, and curtains. Things left in the house after a fire can smolder or burn slowly to make soot and smoke. It’s the sticky stuff that can be hard to remove. Smoke smells bad, but it will cover up other smells too if it interacts with them.


Smoke Damage

The process of removing smoke damage can be different. The type and severity of the fire depend on the structure where it occurred. Experts may have to remove paint, ceiling tiles, carpeting, paneling, and other things. It is important that you utilize approved restoration methods so that your property does not get contaminated or further spread out the bad smoke odor.

There are four different types of smoke damage (dry, protein, fuel/oil, and wet) that are caused by different things, like the fire’s temperature and what it was fueled with. Smoke damage restoration varies according to what type of damage there is. A professional knows how to handle all the variations in order to make your home or business look new again.

Smoke and fire damage leaves a smokey odor. This odor can linger for weeks after the event. You should hire a professional restoration expert who can analyze the environment and figure out the best way to remove the odor.



Fire Damage

However, fire damage is completely separate damage as opposed to smoke. Fire means that the house is damaged more deeply, but it is easier to clean up. This kind of harm happens when smoke goes down and into the structure of a building. The fire can burn away fabrics and wood materials causing them to melt together and leave behind a black or brown residue and smell.

Fire damage can make buildings have black char and burnt ceilings. It can also make floors and walls black, with a strong order. If you turn the burned wood over, you might notice fire damage if it appears black or brown instead of white.

If you want to clean your home from the smells of smoke and soot, be sure that there is no fire damage first. Proper handling will make the soot and smoke smell go away. We highly recommend hiring a restoration professional for this procedure. If you try to get rid of the smells without getting rid of fire damage, it might make it worse.


Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration

In the end, both smoke and fire damage need different treatments. The material needs to have smoke damage sucked out of it. The structure needs to have fire damage scrubbed off of it. 

It’s best to leave clean-up of smoke and fire damage to the professionals. United Water Restoration Group of Tampa has restoration experts trained in this. Give us a call at (813) 305-7538 so that one of our fire damage repair technicians can come out to your property and restore it to new!

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