Disinfecting & Cleaning Services in Tampa, Florida


Our office in Tampa, Florida also provides disinfecting and cleaning services. These services can be utilized by businesses and homes alike. They are the perfect way to give your building a fresh, clean look while also assisting in protecting those who depend on your building. Pathogens such as the flu are passed from host to host as high-touch items go uncleaned. Items such as remotes, furniture, countertops, and doorknobs are all touched often and seldom cleaned.

Our technicians in Tampa, Florida are able to administer these services before or after any major social gathering. These are often used after a day of regular traffic as well. Our cleaning and disinfecting services take aim at irritants, allergens, and pathogens. While we administer our cleaning and disinfection services, our technicians in Tampa, Florida follow all guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control, Occupational Safety & Health Administration, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

During this process, our technicians will carefully go through your home or business and clean and disinfect high-touch items and surfaces. Our technicians in Tampa, Florida only use EPA-approved chemicals that are specifically tailored to halt the spread of pathogens. These services will help erase any potentially harmful pathogens from these areas and target allergens and irritants in hard-to-reach spots.

Our technicians in Tampa, Florida provide a deep and thorough clean that will provide your business or home with a complete overhaul. These services not only assist in protecting those who depend on your property but also gives them a brighter, cleaner look. United Water Restoration Group of Tampa is open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Our schedule is flexible to help ensure that your home or business gets the most convenient timing for our services. These services add a layer of protection that can greatly assist in keeping employees and residents safe from any potentially harmful pathogens.