Mold Damage Remediation in Tampa, Florida


Mold colonies can spread quickly in a building and leave their mark. Mold spores are microscopic organisms located in virtually every room in the world. They can come in simply through an open window or off your clothing. While harmless at first, these spores can form mold colonies given the right circumstance. Our technicians in Tampa, Florida can help remove mold colonies while providing treatments to prevent further outbreaks.

Due to the nature of mold colonies, it is best to act quickly. Spores begin settling as a colony once they meet the right conditions. For a mold spore, the perfect condition is an organic material with moisture and oxygen. These colonies can grow in as little as 24-hours and begin deteriorating materials at a rapid pace. Our technicians in Tampa, Florida can handle large mold colonies and stop them at the source.

Once you contact our technicians in Tampa, Florida they will set up a flexible appointment that revolves around your schedule and needs. Upon arrival, our technician will conduct a thorough assessment and inspection. After they are finished with their inspection they will provide you with a detailed plan of action. The first step to our mold remediation process in Tampa, Florida involves clearing excess water and moisture. Using industrial humidifiers, our technicians in Tampa, Florida remove all moisture from a room to prevent further growth and damages. Once the affected areas are dry, our technicians clear, clean, and sanitize affected areas. During this step, we use specialized air scrubbers to also help erase the smell odor of mold.

After our technicians in Tampa, Florida are able to clean the affected areas they can begin working on restoring and fixing the source of the problem. Our restorers can assist in restoring lightly affected materials. Materials such as rugs, carpets, furniture, and clothing may be restored depending on the severity of damage.

Read What Our Mold Remediation Customers Are Saying

"Doug, the technician, was outstanding. He was thorough in his work which was done in an efficient and professional manner. He was persistent in addressing the issues and resolving them."
Rob Gruen
UWRG Customer
"Phil H. did an amazing job. We had a shower pan issue that leaked to the downstairs ceiling and demo had to be done. He explained everything in detail and made us understand the problem and the steps he would take to rectify. We are very please with the excellent quality of his work. Would recommend this Company!"
Esther Ruguru
UWRG Customer